Saturday 25th September - 3pm

In 1857 the Rev. John Moore challenged some young men to "do something more for God". Believing that God was the only answer to mankind's sin, four ordinary men met to pray in a small schoolhouse in Kells. This site would become the birthplace of revival!

Their numbers increased as more believers came to realise their need to "do something more for God". As the meetings continued, God worked in the hearts of the unsaved, bringing them to the meetings. Hundreds knelt in repentance and prayer, acknowledging that only God could transform the heart of the sinner and bring spiritual healing to the nation and its people. This was the first of many movements of mass conviction of sin.

The new converts went home and shared the gospel with their families. Revival spread - house to house, street to street and town to town. Some 100,000 people came to Christ during this time.

Sadly, over the past year around 2,000 precious children, each one created by God and in His image, have been murdered in their mothers' womb. These laws have been forced upon us by Westminster politicians we never voted for and who do not live here. They are now forcing our local politicians to make provision for an abortion regime that must be capable of murdering up to 6,500 unborn children every year.

God tells us every life is precious to Him, no matter how young or small. As Christians, what we do today matters. Our time to act is now. If we fail to speak for the unborn who cannot speak for themselves, then who will?

Please join with us on September 25th as we meet to call on our churches, our politicians and the people of Northern Ireland to bring a halt to the murder of our unborn children. Let us be faithful to God, let our collective voices be heard, and let us do something more for God.


The event is planned to take place at the bottom of Carncome Road, right in the heart of Connor, Co. Antrim.

Directions to Connor can be found by clicking here then clicking on 'Directions'.

There is a bus connection to neighbouring Kells from Ballymena Train Station  - Service 149 - departing at 2:10pm.


Parking is restricted to on street parking so please arrive well ahead of the 3pm start.

Neighbouring Kells is less than 10 minutes walk away and being much bigger has more adequate parking. If you are fit and able to walk to the event from Kells please park there in order to allow those with mobility issues to park in Connor.


The event will take place on the street and as such will require people to stand. If this would prove difficult for you please feel free to bring a chair. If you would like one to be provided for you please email us at